Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Portrait Challenge

Here's today, Monday, and Sunday's contributions to the 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge (in the opposite order):

On Sunday my siblings and I drove through Paris, Texas.
It was pretty cool.
And my second time (first time here) in Paris within the last 6 months!
Sidenote: I am, by happy chance, listening to the Civil Wars singing in French right now.
The Civil Wars' new album is excellent, by the way.
I'd taken this picture a couple of days prior,
in the reflection of the rear window of my car.
Today I went to the dentist
and, while waiting, captured my tonk's with the waiting room table.

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  1. Ah! I am just now responding to your comment on my blog from a month ago, but this is the beauty of the internet: we can be internet friends! I think you're right; we've got a lot in common. :) Added you to my Feedly digest!

    -Lindsay In Progress