Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Ode to Mom

Thanks, mom.
Thank you for putting me in sports and letting me decide which one to pursue.
Thank you for giving me a two year minimum for the various musical pursuits I've had.
Thank you for taking me to church.
Thank you for not using your BA or MA in favor of taking care of the four of us as best as you know how.
Thank you for understanding my independent nature.
Thank you for watching war movies with me (Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, Braveheart, Band of Brothers, and many more).
Thank you for watching chick flicks with me.
Thank you for instilling a love of reading into your children.
Thank you for being realistic.
Thank you for making healthy eating a thing in our home.
Thank you for both your physical and emotional strength.
Thanks for buying me books and taking me to the library.
Thank you for when you home-schooled me, because I learned much more than I would have from the less than stellar public school that I would have gone to and for using that time to build a solid worldview.
Thank you for putting me in private school for a few years. I made some great friends there and grew a lot.
Thank you for letting me go to public school, because we both know I needed that social interaction and the opportunities I was able to have there shaped me in many wonderful ways.
Thank you for not crying when you dropped me off for college.
Thank you for always being honest and valuing the truth.
Thank you for pushing me to be better.
Thank you for encouraging me.

My mom is really an amazing woman. Her and my dad lived in Israel for a couple years and came back several months before I was born. She understands the value of travelling and seeing the world from many different angles. She buys stuff for herself-never. It's a big event for her to buy more than two clothing items for herself in the span of six months. Her and my dad are really the Dream Team, they work together so well and present a united front for our family. My mom is strong and loyal and very real and has taught us kids the value of hard work.
 She was the first woman to the top of a mountain in her group around ten years ago.
 She and my dad prioritize life so that we can go on many adventures.
This was almost three years ago. 
My mom and dad are the rock which hold our family together.

 I've referred to London, Abilene, Westcliffe (CO), Tulsa (OK), and Coppell as home in the past two years. But really, my home is with my parents.
 As the oldest of four children, I've already become a testament to the above statement. There's a reason mom says what she does. It works.
I'm very thankful to have a mom who believes strongly in the power of hugs. She always tells me that I don't get enough hugs. After going for three months in another country with very few hugs, my mom knew that I needed that silent yet physical exhibition of love. And for that, I am thankful.

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