Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boring Betty

Flashback to about twelve or fifteen years ago. When we lived in Farmers Branch, we lived next door to another little girl who was almost exactly my same age. We'd traverse back and forth the twenty feet between our front doors and play at each others houses. One day she was over at my house, and apparently we didn't do a good enough job of entertaining her (I'm not saying that she was spoiled, but she did have a lot of the toys and gadgets that weren't available in my home, so it took a little more to keep her entertained.) She told my mom that she was bored. To that my mom let her know that she could go right on home and not to say those words in her house. That child never again said the words "I'm bored" in my home. You may think that's a bit harsh (I don't), but that's how things were in my house. We didn't say we were bored, and as a family with four over-involved children we rarely had cause to be.

Now, I always tell myself and others that life is what you make of it. And yesterday, I was making little of my life. So after texting one of my dearest friends about how bored he and I both are, I called myself out, asking myself why I think having a bad attitude about having so much time on my hands is in any way alright (I do have inner dialogue with myself, but no one's had me tested for insanity yet). I have no business feeling sorry for myself because the only thing holding me back from doing something awesome is me.

This is the part where I tell you of the awesome thing I did. Prepare to be disappointed. All I ended up doing was helping with dinner, reading a bit of one of the four books I'm currently reading (I have readers ADHD, I diagnosed myself), seeing The Great Gatsby with my brother (it was great), and watching late night talk shows with my dad. It was a great time.

Today I've been very satisfied with a couple of good books, some productivity (which always puts me in a good mood), and sunshine. I think when my mind is spent either in the world of another or not delving into an intellectual vacuum, it's much easier to be positive and enjoy the time given to me. I could spend hours reading a book or watching a TV show, and I think it's because I enjoy the fictional community of it. I've missed the community I had in London and in Abilene, it's one of the things I value most. In addition, give me sunshine or give me death. Being in the sun alleviates all sadness and has been quite refreshing after several months in the less than sunny Isles of Britain.

So if you're bored, go read a book. Reading not your thing? Let's hope you have Netflix because there's seasons upon seasons of fun shows to watch. If you're sad, get outside! Move! If that doesn't put you in a good mood I hope you live in the arctic where there's no sunshine for you not to appreciate (apologies, I don't mean that). And if you miss community, hit up a friend, or write a letter.

One of the most wonderful, positive, and encouraging activities out there is letter writing. I love love love sending letters and receiving them. So if there's anyone actually still reading this, do shoot me a message and you'll receive a handwritten letter by yours truly.

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