Thursday, July 25, 2013


My sister and I went rock climbing at a gym in Grapevine today.
I don't claim to be an excellent or accomplished or even remotely good climber,
but Emme and I had a blast.
We both conquered a couple new walls 
and improved upon ones which we hadn't done very well on the last time we went.
Seeing that improvement brought us a lot of satisfaction and confidence.
It's one of the most fun ways to get a good strength (and some cardio) workout.
I love how I feel so strong and so weak at the same time.
Climbing makes me very aware of which muscles I'm using,
and it's awesome to see improvement over time.
I'm always amazed at what my body is capable of 
(it's capable of much much more than where I'm at now, and I think that's awesome).
The picture above reveals the unfortunate shortness 
(in proportion to my height)
of my legs.
And my calves remind me of Disney's Hercules (aka Hunkules),
so that's really fun.
I wish rock climbing wasn't so expensive so I could take part in it more often!!
It's really a wonderful pastime and workout.

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