Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I follow some blogs, one of which is especially excellent. These lovely sisters over at A Beautiful Mess have presented a self portrait 30 day challenge (which you should look into participating in yourself). I think the point is more for photographers wishing to brush up their portrait skills, but I enjoy selfies and creativity just as much as the next girl so of course I'm joining in on the fun!

My weapon: iPhone
My purpose: take more creative selfies
My goal: 30 consecutive days

And below the photo, if you're interested, is some commentary about my own face.
I used the A Beautiful Mess app to make my portrait slightly more swanky (it's worth the$.99 or whatever on the app store). 
One thing I've always admired on other people's faces are dimples. Although I don't know if I'd call those slight impressions on either side of my cheeks dimples or not, I've only recently discovered them and they're something I really like about my face.

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